For Rapid Prototyping and QA

Fit for use, cropped to fit. Dummy ships with a broad collection of quality, Creative Commons licensed images. Many are optimized for the iPad's Retina display and for the coming wave of HiDPI displays. Request different sizes and aspect ratios with a simple, natural language syntax.

Dummy is a toolkit designed to make the development, testing and presentation of web prototypes less time consuming and more realistic. It does so by helping you populate your work with content and by randomizing key aspects of it's layout, in a way, simulating connectivity to a live database, and making it possible to visualize, test and present something much closer to the outcome of a finished project.

Dummy makes it easy to...

Whether you're fine tuning complex CSS breakpoints, or just slapping together a quick proof of concept, Dummy frees you up to focus on building great stuff. Do It with the time you'll save not pasting in static Lorem Ipsum, hunting down and resizing respectable placeholder images, or continuously adding and removing blocks of code in order to test different design outcomes.